less than 5 weeks to go

Only four more weekends left before Maker Faire. Four more weekends and still so much to do. No more time for slacking off. Curiously, I feel no sense of panic. Just the calm before the storm. More of a … fuzzy mellow blissfulness. Come to think of it, that may have something to do with the nearly empty pint glass in front of me. “Nah. Probably not. Probably just my deep rooted confidence in our general awesomeness.” I tell myself as I quaff my pint of liquid courage. Seriously, I’m getting really excited. Progress is actually going very well - the bench bookcase combo is almost finished. I designed a mockup of what our booth will look like in my imagination. So if it doesn’t end up looking anything like this, at least you will know that I imagined it would be cool. And that’s almost as good. Here is the image of the mock up in the gallery but it’s too small to read the writing: Projects Gallery Image You probably shouldn’t read the writing anyway because it’s got a bit of my crazy showing, but here it is larger anyway. Crazy Close Up Image We will have LED track lighting in various locations, such as behind the sign and behind the bench and bookcases. I’ll post more photos of everything soon, but not now. I’m feeling far too lazy now. After two solid days of sanding all I want to do now is have a bubble bath and a cup of tea. So the photos will have to wait. PS As you can see I have usurped Derek’s blog name for our new CNC company. It’s a cool name and I like it! We shall be relocating his blog to www.armyofevilrobots.com/dereksbloginthefurnaceroom . But don’t feel sorry for him. I’ve bought him a new red stapler.