Honeycomb Wall Jabra 75t Case-Mount

Honeycomb Wall Jabra 75t Case-Mount

Did you spend a ton of money on earbuds, only to constantly forget to charge them?

Has the case gone missing repeatedly?

Well do I have a useless tchotchke for you!!!

The little case mount

Download the model from Printables

Behold the Honeycomb storage wall compatible Jabra Elite Active 75t case mount. Phew. What a mouthful.

I designed it in far less time than it took to generate this blog post, but whatever. Now you too can stick your earbuds in a box on the wall, taunting you to go for some exercise instead of toiling at your desk for some garbage internet startup that wants to add a couple 10ths of a percent onto their conversion rate for male “enhancement” product advertisements.

Best minds of our generation, squandered. It’s sad really. You should go for a bike ride.